Corporate Communications

As a knowledge based organisation, the effective dissemination of information to industry stakeholders is critical. This is done through the media, seminars and workshops, newsletters and other communication modalities to four key industry stakeholder groupings, namely; medical schemes and administrators; medical scheme members and consumers; regulatory authorities and relevant government departments; business and labour organisations.

Benefit and Risk

The overall focus of the Benefit and Risk department is on minimising risks to which schemes are exposed in providing benefits for their members. It ensures that benefits are designed, worded and coded in such a way that there is little or no opportunity for misuse or abuse.

Three panels support the work of the Benefit & Risk Department: the Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP), the Coding and Hospital Panel (CHEP) and the Criteria Committee.

Important PCNS Notice



Technology has seeped into almost every aspect of our day-day-to-day lives. We bank, shop and even invest online. Yesterday’s pen and notebook have made way for tablets & smartphones. This wave of technological advances has also swept across the healthcare landscape – so why not register or update your PCNS online?

We are experimenting to enable you to register and update your practise code number online.

This will allow you access to the PCNS from anywhere and at any time. You can now co-manage the progress of your request.

The PCNS online portal will revolutionise the way that you register or update your practise code number.

With this exciting evolution, comes some changes:
• The PCNS premises will operate from 11h00 – 15h00
• The Call Centre remains available from 08h00- 16h30
• Applications may be couriered or posted
• We will have increased self-service terminal
• As we value your input, please complete our VOC survey

Click here to access our VOC survey


1 January 2018

Dear Healthcare Service Provider


This notice serves to confirm that the 2018 Annual Renewal Registration fee is R300.00 including VAT which is due by the 31st of March 2018.
Banking details are as follows: NEDBANK, Rosebank, 197705, 1958 5185 30 or – Please use your practice number as reference. All proof of payments can be sent to PCNSFinance@bhfglobal.com
For FNB clients please note that we are a public registered business and you can use your online banking and or banking app to pay for your practice renewal. Our bank account details are registered under PCNS.

The PCN System is administered by BHF in accordance to the regulations 1 and 5 of the Medical Schemes Act (Act 131 of 1998). The Practice Code Number “means the number allotted to a supplier of a relevant health service…” In terms of Regulation 5 “the practice code number, group practice number and individual provider registration number issued by the registering authorities for providers…” must be included in the account or statement contemplated in section 59(1) of the Act section (e).

This is in line with the Practice code number terms and conditions which can be found on the BHF PCNS website (include website address). Please note you are required to confirm and or update your personal and practice details to ensure the PCNS has the most current practice and personal information.

Please be advised that BHF is required to ensure that health service providers details are updated in alignment to health service providers (HSP) scope of practice and thus HSP have been required to resubmit their registration documents to ensure adherence to the PCNS terms and conditions and legislative requirements. Please contact our call centre or data take on department to confirm if your PCN account is compliant. HSP who applied for a practice number prior to 2015 and have not have updated their details are requested to please resubmit the registration documents to datatakeon@bhfglobal.com

Please note that non-compliance by health service providers in updating their details or payment may result in the suspension of your practice number which will impact your claims experience with Medical Schemes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and commit ourselves to providing you with excellent service.
For assistance or further information, please do not hesitate to contact PCNS Client Services on 0861 30 20 10 or e-mail clientservices@bhfglobal.com.

Yours sincerely,

Lamees Scholtz
Operations Manager

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